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The Gerrel 1 Button Office Video Conference Studio

The Gerrel 1 Button Office Video Conference Studio is purposely designed to place the attorney in a context that look’s great and maximizes their Command Presence and Creditability through TV production quality cameras, lighting, sound, and physical background, all controlled with 1 Button.

LOOK – 55% of how people like, believe, or trust you is based on facial/visual cues*

Professional Studio Lighting

Professional TV studio lights are tuned to your specific skin tone to reflect your skin’s natural warmth and glow. Gerrel 1 Button avoids the problems ring lights create, which can cause complexions to range from muddied to a washed-out look. In addition, the positioning of the TV studio lights prevents reflections in glasses, which are distracting and make it difficult to see your eyes. You lose trust, believability, and command presence when they can’t see your eyes.

Professional DSLR Camera

Mottko’s proprietary skin-smoothing algorithm is embedded in the professional DSLR camera to make you look great and enhance your skin tone. In addition, the DSLR camera is solely focused on the attorney so that while the counsel is looking at our 43″ 4 K monitor, the viewer sees the lawyer consistently looking back at them. The attorney NEVER looks at the DSLR camera. This avoids the lawyers’ eyes having to “ping-pong” between the camera and the monitor. Or even worse, having the legal eagle give the viewer the “side-eye”. You need natural, sustained eye-to-eye contact with a person to establish believability, trust, and command presence. 

43″ 4K Monitor

43″ 4K monitor eliminates zoom fatigue. The monitor removes small screen squinting eye strain but is appropriately distanced from the attorney to prevent the “front-row” of the movie theatre eye strain. The seamless integration of the DSLR camera with the 43″ 4K monitor allows your eyes to naturally roam the entire 43″ monitor. At the same time, the viewer will see that the attorney is looking directly at them, thus eliminating the dreaded zoom “locked eye-to-eye staring syndrome.

Custom Physical Backdrop

Custom physical backdrop designed to frame your command presence in your chosen professional context and to maximize your great look. For example, the wall of books in a law library or the classic wood paneling of a corporate boardroom. No white-wall hostage backdrop or green screen. Virtual green screen backgrounds are inherently unstable and distracting. Every time you move, parts of your body disappear and then re-appear. The popular blur-the-background filters, tell the viewer a) I’m hiding, b) I’m not prepared, and c) I don’t take you seriously.

* UCLA Psychology Professor Emeritus Albert Mehrabian’s studies calculated that when people decide whether they like, believe, trust, or empathize with another person, only 7% are based on the actual words; 38% is based on tone and resonance of the voice, and 55% is based on the visual facial clues. 

SOUND – 38% of how people believe, like, or trust you is based on your voice tone and resonance*

Broadcast Quality Lapel Microphone 

Broadcast quality lapel microphone captures the command presence of your words in their natural full tone and resonance. The lapel microphone also cancels out extraneous noise. Webcam microphones fail because they were not designed to capture full tone and resonance; they have a built-in hallway-echo chamber effect, making you sound small. It is through the natural tone and resonance of your voice that you establish sincerity, honesty, and empathy.

Mechanical Integration complete, seamless, instinctually comfortable, and easy to operate  

AV Controller

The TV production quality control board seamlessly coordinates video input and output (for up to 4 cameras) and sound levels (for up to 2 microphones), transitions to different cameras, and automatically reboots to the preferred setting upon request. This last feature means that if something is out of sequence, “don’t troubleshoot – just reboot” to get back to your starting point. 

Gerrel 1 Button “The Sweet-Spot”

We developed the Gerrel 1 Button Office Video Conference Studio to be intuitive and easy to operate. Once installed, a single button will turn On and Off all Gerrel 1 Button Office Video Conference Studio components. It is that simple.

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