Gerrel 1 Button On-Demand Mini-TV Studio
Expert Fee Savings Calculator

2-day portal-to-portal travel & testimony @ 10hrs./day +
Airfare, Hotel, Food @$2,000
$500/hr. – $12,000$10,000$2,000
$600/hr. – $14,000$10,000$4,000
$700/hr. – $16,000$10,000$6,000
$800/hr. – $18,000$10,000$8,000
$900/hr. – $20,000$10,000$10,000
$1,000/hr. – $22,000$10,000$12,000

The mobile Gerrel 1 Button™ On-Demand Mini TV Studio for Home/Office is purpose-built to allow law firms to achieve substantial savings and flexibility by having the expert witness testify from their home/office without the added expense of travel but with TV-Anchor Person quality. We will install the Gerrel 1 Button Studio in your expert’s office for 10 days, allowing you the flexibility to do their depo or trial-preservation depo or trial testimony or video settlement brochure from their home/office. The Gerrel 1 Button Studio’s Anchor-Person quality is created by a professional physical backdrop that provides credibility-enhancing command presence, a 4K camera with skin smoothing algorithm, studio lights tuned to your expert’s unique skin tone, broadcast-quality microphone, and a 43” 4K monitor, all controlled with just 1 button! No construction is required.

When to Use:

• Replace in-person Trial Testimony

• Trial Preservation Deposition Testimony

• Discovery Deposition Testimony

• Video Settlement Brochure

MORE BENEFITS: (Professional TV Production Quality)

• Removes Experts’ travel restrictions

• Removes Experts’ scheduling conflicts

• Removes extra expenses due to in-trial scheduling challenges

• Removes Attorney time & expense to travel to Experts’ location

• 10 days at your Experts’ location allows them to practice

• Cheaper than hiring a local video crew for 10 days