When Your Expert Can’t Appear in Person

Your trial begins in 2 weeks, and your Expert just called and let you know that he cannot testify in person, but he can appear remotely via Zoom or Teams. Remember the last time he was on Zoom? His questionable taste in art was concerning?

What are your Options?

  • He could “blur the background,” which says I’m hiding or simply not trustworthy.
  • Hope that the Jury doesn’t notice your Expert’s unique artwork
  • Call Zoom. They could build a physical TV Studio for $100K, and it takes 8 weeks.

We Bring the Trial to Your Expert

Call Gerrel 1 Button – Give us 2 weeks’ notice, and we can install the Gerrel 1 Button Mini-TV Studio in your experts’ office for 10 days – in the continental US.  Sooner if necessary.

Our Mini TV Studio is built for Maximum Jury Connection

Yeah but,

What are the perceptions of jurors and attorneys regarding remote expert trial testimony facilitated by the Gerrel 1 Button Mini-TV Studio?

Testimonialsee what they say

  • “It felt as if the Expert was physically present in the courtroom with us.”
  • “Jurors noted that the exceptional sound quality and clear visuals gave them the impression of watching a high-quality network news show.”
  • “Crystal clear and without glitches, the Gerrel 1 Button Studio executed flawlessly in real time—a true gift for trials.”
  • “In summary, the remote appearance of the expert, using the Gerrel 1 Button Studio, not only provided substantial cost savings for our client compared to flying in the expert but also maintained a high standard.”

The Challenge: Balancing Time, Quality and Cost.

The first challenge is balancing Time. When in trial mode the last thing you need is an appearance snafu with your experts. You count on them to show up for trial and when that changes you need a viable solution.

The second is Quality. Current video communication platforms such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet lack the features to present an expert in flattering lighting, with clear audio, and a professional background akin to a network news anchor. This results in remote testimony that makes the expert appear unprofessional, lacking authority, and difficult to hear and understand. The constant eye movement between the camera and the laptop monitor creates an untrustworthy impression.

Third is Cost. Top-tier expert trial testimony is crucial but often expensive. Expenses for out-of-town experts can easily exceed $20,000+ (2 days – Expert rate @$900/hr. + airfare + hotel + food), even without in-trial scheduling issues.

The Solution: Gerrel 1 Button On-Demand Service.

First, Time is your biggest challenge when your expert has just let you know that they are unable to testify in person yet are available via Zoom. Give us 2 weeks’ notice and We can install the Gerrel 1 Button Mini-TV Studio in your experts’ office for 10 days. Sooner if necessary.

Second, concerning presentation Quality, the Gerrel 1 Button Mini-TV Studio enhances the expert’s professional credibility with a network TV-quality physical backdrop. It captures their natural empathy through broadcast-quality lapel microphones that cancel outside noise. The setup establishes trust by maintaining steady eye contact with the jury, using an integrated DSLR camera and a 43″ 4K monitor focused solely on the expert. This design allows the expert to look at the monitor while giving the appearance of eye contact with the jury, eliminating the need for the expert’s eyes to “ping-pong” between the camera and the monitor, thereby reducing eye fatigue. The Gerrel 1 Button Mini TV studio also incorporates natural-warmth lights tuned to the expert’s skin tone and eliminates reflections in their glasses—all controlled with the push of one button: the Gerrel 1 Button Mini-TV Studio.

Third, to address Cost concerns, Gerrel 1 Button installs its mini-network TV studio in your expert’s home/office for 10 days at a flat fee of $10,000. The savings to the attorney often exceed $10,000.

When to Utilize:

  • To substitute in-person trial testimony:
    • When the expert’s health prohibits travel.
    • When the expert’s schedule conflicts with the trial schedule.
  • Trial Preservation Deposition Testimony:
    • Preserves expert trial testimony at a significantly lower cost if settlement occurs pre-trial.
    • Eliminates in-trial scheduling issues.
  • Video Settlement Brochure:
    • Eliminates the challenge of editing a disjointed deposition into coherent testimony.
    • Use the Gerrel 1 Button Mini-TV Studio for your expert’s deposition and then take a few days to craft a tightly scripted, interdependent, interrelated, and strategically sequenced story that maximizes your expert’s truth and credibility.
    • It’s more cost-effective than hiring a video crew for 10 days.

Are you ready? Call Gerrel 1 Button NOW: 1 415-915-0211