Online keys to success: Establish Command Presence & Trust


The Gerrel 1 Button Office Video Conference Studio is built purposely to maximize an Attorney’s ability to look and sound great, establish Command Presence & Trust through TV Anchor-Person production quality camera, lighting, sound, and physical background, all controlled with just 1 Button.

Why it Matters:

93% of the time, people determine whether you connect with them in the area of Trust and Creditability based on how you look (55% -visual/facial cues) and how you sound (38% – voice/tone and resonance). Words themselves (literal meaning) only account for 7% of the decision-making process. This is based on published studies by UCLA Psychology Professor Emeritus Albert Mehrabian.


TV-Anchor Professional Studio Lighting

Professional TV studio lights are tuned to your unique skin tone to reflect your skin’s natural warmth and glow. In addition, the positioning of TV studio lights prevents reflections in glasses, which are terribly distracting and make it difficult to see your eyes. When people can’t see your eyes, you lose your connection to establish believability and trust. It is as if you were wearing dark sunglasses; it’s the same thing.

Professional DSLR Camera

Our proprietary skin-smoothing algorithm is embedded in a professional DSLR camera to enhance your skin tone with no “ping-ponging” of the Attorney’s eyes between the camera and the monitor. The DSLR camera is solely focused on the Lawyer so that while the Attorney is only looking at our 43″ 4 K monitor, the viewer sees the Attorney consistently looking at them. The Lawyer NEVER looks at the DSLR camera. To establish trust, believability, and creditability, you need to have sustained natural eye-to-eye contact, allowing you to connect with another person.

43 “4K Monitor

43″ 4K monitor eliminates zoom fatigue. 

Seamless integration of the DSLR camera and the 4K 43″ monitor allows your eyes to naturally roam the entire 43″ screen while the viewer still sees the Attorney looking directly at them. 

Custom Physical Backdrop

Custom physical backdrop designed to frame your command presence. For example, the wall of books in a law library or the classic wood paneling of a corporate boardroom, all designed to emotionally contextualize the conversation that is taking place in a professional setting. 

THE SOUND (Creditability – 38%):

Broadcast Quality Lapel Microphone 

Broadcast quality lapel microphone captures the command presence of your words in their natural full tone and resonance. 

The lapel microphone also cancels out extraneous noise. It is through the natural tone and resonance of your voice that you establish sincerity, honesty, and creditability.

1 Button “The Sweet-Spot.”

The Gerrel 1 Button Office Video Conference Studio is designed uniquely to be instinctually comfortable and easy to operate. Once installed, a single button will turn On and Off all components of the Gerrel 1 Button Office Video Conference Studio. It is that simple.

Are you ready to maximize your video presence ?